Soundproofing For Hotels With Acoustic Insulation

You want to own a hotel, but you want it to be designed to your taste, to capture and realise your own dreams. The satisfaction of this project once it has ended will be incredible. You have new ideas about how to make an aesthetically pleasing and calming environment and you want the guests at your hotel to feel happy and relaxed. To ensure that they are not disturbed by any outside noise you must think about how to carry out good soundproofing. Your main purpose is to minimize the noise from the guest rooms, the corridor and the lifts. You must install the best acoustic insulation to ensure that your hotel is properly soundproofed, that way your investment will be protected.

There are two types of sound that must be taken into consideration – impact sound and airborne sound. Music and talking are the typical airborne sounds. The sound of a ball banging against the wall and furniture scraping on the floor are the typical impact sounds. There are two main rating systems that are used to compare the acoustic quality of different buildings.

Different materials and devices are used to reduce the noise. Resilient channels improve the isolation quality of the walls. Some specifications must be made while constructing the building. For example you must seal every air-gap and penetration. If there are pictures or photos on the corridor’s wall the effectiveness will be diminished. You can use other sound insulation such as increased mass, air space ant etc.

When installing the outlets for lights you must be sure that they are not back to back. There must be putty padded Ceiling Rafts on the back of each outlet. It is better if you can isolate the elevator from the building, because the whole working of the mechanism makes a lot of noise. You cannot stop the guests from going into their rooms early in the morning. Of course they will use the elevator and will talk in a loud voice. This will disturb the other guests on the same floor. So it will be perfect to design your stairs and elevators in a way and place that will not disturb the other guests

When carrying out soundproofing you have to pay attention to the sensitiveness of the separate areas in the building. If you can determine the sensitive areas, you can situate the guest rooms to be away from this part of the building. If you observe the rules and install acoustic insulation in the right places, you won’t have any problems. The people will have a completely relaxing holiday, they will not hear the midnight